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What our Customers say

In January 2008 I discovered Pets Emporium in Sandhurst. My 9-year-old son always wanted to keep snakes and the sign outside the shop attracted my attention. On entering the shop I found a Lady who I later found out to be Helen, who guided a total novice, me, through all the trials and problems in keeping snakes, what I would need, types of snakes etc. Following on from that visit I was able to place a deposit on two corn snakes, vivarium, and all the other equipment that my son would need.

When I came to collect the snakes I first met Pete, the owner of Pets Emporium, who was putting my son's vivarium together. I found him a wealth of knowledge and expertise who is more than delighted in sharing it with his customers. All that was three years ago. From that first meeting and those two Anerythristic corn snakes, my son is now the proud owner of 1 Royal Python 3 adult corn snakes (1 male and two female) and three hatchlings that he raised from the eggs last year. He successfully reared a further 22 other hatchlings that he was able to pass back to Pete at the shop. At the moment his two female snakes are again in the process of laying eggs.

In the three years I have known and been a customer at the shop I can honestly say without any reservation I have found all the staff to be approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly. From the boss Pete's mum, Pete's sister Helen who I first met in the shop who answered all my questions. Dan who works part time on Saturday who readily chats to my son and gives him tips guidance on keeping snakes. Then there is Pete himself who time and time again has proved his worth in knowledge and understanding. During my son's first experience of breeding and incubating snakes from eggs he was only a phone call away. He has always had time for him in the shop discussed and answered any of his question.

I would not hesitate in recommending Pets Emporium in Sandhurst to anyone interested in keeping exotic pets. I have always felt the welfare of the animals and the education of the customers has always been paramount before any profit and in this day and age I think speaks volumes to Pete and his staff. For all these reasons I would not dream of going anywhere else for my supplies etc despite there being other shops closer.

Many thanks and well done Pete.

I have been using Pete's Pet Emporium in Sandhurst for over a year now to supply food for our 3 dogs. Pete and all the staff are always very helpful and friendly. They were able to advise on a brand of dog food that is both excellent value and excellent quality. This advice has cut the cost of feeding by almost 50%, without compromising the quality of the food .

On a number of pet related issues, I have received advice which has been very useful. Their caring attitude , their ability to respond to the specific requirements of their customers and their wealth of experience sets them way above the larger, more impersonal pet stores. I would highly recommend this pet shop to anyone .