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Have a Question?

Here are a few questions often asked by our customers, which we hope you will find useful. If your question is not addressed here then please do not hesitate to contact us - we will do our best to help!

Your dog could be allergic to something and that is causing the irritation, you should first look at the food (most allergies are caused by this) a change of diet may solve most problems, try to change on to a diet that contains no wheat products (one of the most common allergies) try this for a month and see if there is any difference in his/her irritation.

Try some rock sulphur (can buy this from any pet shop) in his/her water bowl, blood vessels that over heat can cause irritation, rock sulphur will cool the blood and may stop the scratching. For more info please call or mail us.

If your cat/dog is fussy with their food you will need to replace the pack mentallity to them, the best way to do this is to give them only 20mins to eat their food, if they do not eat it remove it and place on a high shelf and do not return it to them for 8 hours.

You also have to cut out any treats or titbits, until they start eating correctly again. For more info please call or mail us.

If your dog/cat is mature it could be caused by bad teeth, dental chews may help.

If your cat/dog is relatively young then try adding charcoal to their diet(either granulated or biscuits) for more info please call or mail us